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GeoBretzel Event 2018

The GeoBretzel Mega Event 2018 in the Alsace FR from 12. -14.10.2018 was entered big in our agenda. The first event outside of Switzerland, where we wanted to present CacheToolBox. France, here we come! 

On Friday aternoon we started with a packed car in the direction of Alsace. As expected, we were warmly welcomed by the organizers and were assigned our stand. Immediately we set to work and prepared our stand for the next day. Afterwards we went to our hotel, where we settled in. At the end of the day we went to the "Meet & Greet"-Event and got to know some known and a LOT of unknown geocachers. What a great opening event!

At 09.00 the event hall was opened and the event started. Already before many geocachers were waiting outside who wanted to enter. The fact that we had to speak not only German but also French made us a little nervous. But already after the first few conversations it was clear that we would manage it! Today we were supported on site by erjn:) with their kids - thank you very much! In contrast to the event in Frauenfeld CH (home country of iTS+iRossimo), many people here did not yet know our app and were enthusiastic about the versatile iPhone application. We received many compliments and were pleased that some geocachers just spontaneously made a purchase promise.

The nice weather and the big supporting program at different locations attracted many geocachers to the outside. So it became a bit quieter from noon on and we could dedicate ourselves even more intensively to the visitors. At 17:00 o'clock the event closed here in the hall and we quickly dismantled our stand. Finally a big dinner should take place here in the evening.

It was a great event here in Bollwiller and we were MEGA happy that allowed us to be here. Many thanks for the great organization! See you soon during geocaching outside - what an amazing hobby!


About The App

CacheToolBox is an ideal tool for all ambitious geocachers and hikers.
The app offers conversions of several coordinate formats, over 80 interactive code tables and also various tools!

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